Heat Pumps

How they work

Energy is all around us. It is never destroyed but moves from one source to another. This is a basis for understanding the operations of the heat pump. Heat energy is gathered from the environment around us and the heat pump then transfers it to a new location.

A heat pump moves heat from a low temperature source to a higher temperature location by means of mechanical work in the form of a compressor.

The sun’s radiation provides large amounts of free energy that is stored in the air, rock, ground, rivers and lakes.

The heat pump pump is a device that simply taps in to this free available energy and extracts the heat stored in the ambient air and transfers it from one place to another.

Heat pumps offer the most energy efficient way to provide heating. Whether it is day or night, hot or cold, sunny or overcast the air, ground and water contain useful heat this replenished by the sun daily.
Domestic Heat Pump